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 Jonnie's Mod APP

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PostSubject: Jonnie's Mod APP   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:48 pm

Name: Jonathan Mendoza

In-game name: Jonnie

Forums name: Jonnie

Timezone(GMT +/- ?):Pacific

Do you play when most of the staff are off?: Fuck yea.

Do you play over the night?: YesH! Sleep

Average of time you play a week: Weekdays = 18-22 hours Weekends play round 8-13 hours. affraid

Are you active on the forums: Yes. I'm a proud post whore Very Happy

How long have you played BakedScape: Bout 2 weeks. I love you

Do you have ANY coding experience: Nope, Soz. Embarassed

Explain why you should be mod: I enjoy helping others in-game and i am very active in both forums and in-game. I try to be as helpful as i can to all the new people we've recently been getting and I have experience being mod, co-owner and admin in other servers. I like meeting new players and i try to get along with everyone I meet. I follow the rules and always ask higher staff before I take any dramatic actions / punishments / purchases. I like to help people and I love making people have a better time playing. I feel if i were a mod I would help make project divinity a fun place to pk and play overall! Very Happy

Anything else you would like us to know: I'm 16 and i live in California. I'm really laid back and i try to have fun at all times and i have ventrilo, skype and a mic. If you read it all gratz you can pet my afro. Smile

Jonnie king
In-game & Forum

Proud Young Money Pk Leader

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Jonnie's Mod APP
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