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 Meh|READ PLZ|!!

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PostSubject: Meh|READ PLZ|!!   Meh|READ PLZ|!! I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 30, 2011 9:52 pm

Just comin back for the last time to tell Jordan sorry for everything my friends have done and anything I may have done to ruin your server. It was alot of fun before this shit went down but shit happens. I didnt know that all my "friends" that I brought into your server would of fucked me up and all of you so bad. I stopped talking to all of them and Im just now coming back to say sorry, also I am greatly sorry for putting a trojan onto your computer I just learned how to "hack" and all that and I wanted to test it on somebody and you were the only person I could think of and at the time I never even did anything with it I just wanted to see if it worked. I also gave me friend "Lucas" the password to the vps so he could "help" with some stuff which he actually did tbh, He gave me owner on the server so I could Ip ban somebody. I read your announcement and I also noticed you lost a lot of players just by looking at the forums, I am greatly sorry for everything I've done to everybody. I just ended up stabbing everybody in the back in the end. :\. Also Jordan when you would call me on the phone telling me I did stuff that I didnt even know about until after you told me was kind of bs. The threatening to ddos me was bs aswell since I really didn't do anything in the server exept give out items and have a friend give me main owner which wasn't such a big deal. Your brother told you I gave him alot more shit than I really did. I never gave him a moneybag all I ever did was get him to barrows which I didnt even know at the time about that glitch. But I did give somebody else a moneybag I dont remember who it was because it was such a long time ago and I was demanding it back but the server went down right after then all this shit went down. So im sorry for all this shit but maybe we could all start over and be cool and rebuild? So really overall I didn't do anything "as bad" as you might of think "I" did. Also I deleted all of my programs I used to "RAT" because I felt bad for anybody I fucked over because I just hate hacking because I know how it feels. Also all the posts I put on the forums was all just a troll, I also never changed my ip to keep posting I had one of your staff members to un ip me. Im really not at all a bad person and Jordan you know that everything was perfect for me until my faggot friends pressured me into all this. Oh yah the hacking of your skype and runelocus had nothing to do with me that was Lucas. I actually tried to stop Lucas from fucking with ur skype but he refused he is also now deleted and on my block list on skype. I DID modify Kalebs post on the forums about a v4 client which people downloaded a trojan I did NOT victim anybody from it or harm anybody that I had on my list from that. My friend "Jenna" then comes along and all he wants is rsgp and wants to scam everybody for rsgp and since he was a long time friend to mine that I talked to everyday I allowed it but now I regret it so once again I am greatly sorry for this mess that I triggered. I dont know if i mentioned this already but all the posts I posted was a troll, the one picture of me "hacking" somebody was Lucas giving me stuff on rs before I blocked him. So can I have 1 last chance?


yes ik terribly bad grammar and stuff but thats just me (:
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