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 Price Guide [WILL BE EDITED!!]

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GM - Development

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Price Guide [WILL BE EDITED!!] Empty
PostSubject: Price Guide [WILL BE EDITED!!]   Price Guide [WILL BE EDITED!!] I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 4:45 pm

*Please Read*
Use ctrl F to find a specific item!
I am to clear this up if you don't agree with this price guide I will understand I will consult with you if you think I am that wrong.
Dont just post "wrong you fag". I will also say if this is not what you want to sell or buy for fine, I made this because people need help.
Note if you say "nice price guide" I will report your post I only want constructive criticism.
If you make it a nice post saying it's good make it longer and not so worthless.
I'm also going to update often and will need some good merchanters to help me.
i will keep it updated *hopefully* and see to it everything is added/fixed.

Bandos Tasset: 30-50m
Bandos Chest-plate: 30-50m
Armadyl Chest-plate: 75-100m
Armadyl Plate-skirt/legs: 75-100m
Armadyl Helm: 50-75m
Slayer Helm: 50-75m
Agile Chest-plate: 50m
Agile Plate-legs: 50m
Spirit Shield: 25-50m
Divine Spirit Shield: 250m
Arcane Spirit Shield: *none*
Spectral Spirit Shield: *none*
Elysian Spirit Shield: 200-250m
Blessed Spirit Shield: 300m
Barrows: 5m *every piece*
White armor: 5m *every piece*
Granite Plate-body: 25m
Granite Plate-legs: 25m
Granite Helm: 10m
Granite Shield: 10m
Fighter Torso's: 10-25m
Varrock armors: 25-50m
Falador shield: 25-50m
Dragon Plate-body: 10-15m
Dragon Chain-body: 15-20m
Dragon Full Helm: 20m
Dragon Fire Shield: 20-30m
Statius Helm: 100m
Statius Plate-body: 150m
Statius Plate-legs: 150m
Vesta's Plate-legs: 150m
Vesta's Plate-body: 150m
3rd Age Melee helm: 75-100m
3rd Age Melee plate-body: 100-150m
3rd Age Melee plate-legs: 100-150m
3rd Age Melee kite-shield: 100-125m
3rd Age Range coif: 75-100m
3rd Age Range body: 100-150m
3rd Age Range legs: 100-150m
3rd Age Range vambraclets: 50-75m
3rd Age Mage hat: 75-100m
3rd Age Mage top: 100-150m
3rd Age Mage bottom: 100-150m
3rd Age Mage amulet: 50-75m
Zamorak Coif: 25-50m
Zamorak Vambraclets: 25-50m
Zamorak D'hide Body: 75-100m
Zamorak D'hide Chaps: 75-100m
Saradomin Coif: 35-60m
Saradomin Vambraclets: 35-60m
Saradomin D'hide Body: 100-125m
Saradomin D'hide Chaps: 100-125m
Guthix Coif: 50-75m
Guthix Vambraclets: 50-75m
Guthix D'hide Body: 150-175m
Guthix D'hide Chaps: 150-175m
Dagon' hai Hat: 25-50m
Dagon' hai Robe top: 75-100m
Dagon' hai Robe bottoms: 75m-100m

*Write if there is any armors I missed.*

Bandos God Sword: 100m
Armadyl God Sword: 500m *I have only seen one, go get more so price changes*
Saradomin God Sword: 250m
Saradomin Sword: 15m
Zamorak God Sword: *none*
Zamorak Spear: 25m
Abyssal Whip: 2.5m-5m
Dark Bow: 5-10m
Vesta's Long Sword: 75-100m
Vesta's Spear: 50-75m
Statius Hammer: 50-75m
Zuriel's Staff: 50-75m
Morrigan's Throwing axe: 50-75m
Morrigan's Javelin: 25-50m
Dragon claws: 75-100m
Saradomin Sword: 10m
Dragon Halbert: 1-5m
Dragon Battle Axe: 10-25m
Barrows: 5m *every piece*
White weapons: 5m *every piece*
Barrel Chest Anchor: 10-20m

*Tell me if I missed anything, I know I missed somethings but can't remember everything.*

Gold charms: 10Gp ea.
Green charms: 20Gp ea.
Blue Charms: 100k ea.
Crimson Charms: 30Gp ea.
Clue Scrolls: 15-20m
Caskets: 50k ea.
Rune Essence: 1-2m/1k *thats 1-2m for every 1k*
Logs: 1k ea.
Oak logs: 10Gp ea.
Willow Logs: 3k ea.
Maple logs: 100Gp ea.
Yew logs: 150Gp ea.
Magic logs: 10k ea.
Dragon bones: 200k ea.

*Note prices are being placed off of how much they are in donator shop not real price yet!*
Blue Party Hat: 3b
Red Party Hat: 2.6b
Purple Party Hat: 2b
Yellow Party Hat: 2.4b
White Party Hat: 2.3b
Green Party Hat: 2.2b
Red H'ween Mask: 2.2b
Blue H'ween Mask: 2b
Green H'ween Mask: 1.8b
Santa Hat: 2.2b
Bunny Ears: 2.2b

*I know there's more but I'm being lazy atm.*
*Tell me if there is anything REALLY important I forgot to add to this price guide.*

Price Guide [WILL BE EDITED!!] Jordan1
Price Guide [WILL BE EDITED!!] Umbrellacorp
..::~~Umbrella Corp Clan Leader~~::..
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Price Guide [WILL BE EDITED!!]
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